Science and innovation

SCF is strongly focused on preserving and advancing its technological leadership, to retain a principal competitive advantage. The Group achieves this through actively and consistently improving technologies and equipment, developing and adopting unique engineering solutions that set ever higher safety, efficiency and sustainability standards for the shipping industry.

As a result, SCF has introduced several pioneering game-changing vessels to its fleet. The Group consistently remains amongst the most technologically advanced companies within the global energy shipping market.

The Sovcomflot Group’s Green Charter - a declaration of commitments to fight climate change by using innovative technologies and raising personnel awareness on environmental protection - was approved in March 2019.

SCF Group puts a lot of effort into developing its in-house R&D practice, based on a strong engineering heritage. The locus of R&D activities is SCF Engineering Centre, integrated with SCF Training Centre and Marine Operations Centre at SCF’s headquarters in St. Petersburg. The Engineering Centre team is involved in designing all the game-changing vessels for SCF, both already introduced over the recent years and those yet to come.

SCF’s R&D activities are particularly focused on further introducing LNG fuel across the shipping industry and raising navigational safety whilst operating in challenging ice conditions. These are some of the key developments in this respect from 2019:

In addition, SCF’s R&D activities in 2019 were focused on the following:

Sovcomflot regularly receives national and international awards for its innovative achievements:  

Sovcomflot stimulates professional development among its staff and encourages employees to pursue additional education in order to gain in-depth knowledge of modern technologies in fleet management. SCF’s engineering staff have very high scientific capabilities: currently, 33 seafarers, who completed post-graduate studies and received the title of Candidate of Technical Sciences or are preparing to defend their theses,
work in the Company’s fleet.

Sovcomflot Group’s innovative activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements and methodological recommendations of the Federal Agency for State Property Management, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Presidential Council for the Modernisation of the Economy and Innovative Development of the Russian Federation. Priority directions for Sovcomflot’s innovative development are determined in accordance with Decree No. 899 of the President of the Russian Federation dated 7 July 2011.

The Company regularly monitors and analyses the integral key performance indicator (KPI) of innovative development.  

The integral key performance indicator of innovative development includes four elements: