Gubkin, Ivan


Ivan Gubkin (1871-1939) was a distinguished scientist and founder of National Petroleum Geology and its related science school. He was: a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences; Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences; President of the Azerbaijan branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences and a winner of the Lenin Prize.

His main scientific work was encapsulated in the Oil Doctrine, which elaborated the basics underlying the theory of the origin of oil deposits and conditions for their formation.

A new high-tech geophysical exploration vessel, that is one-of-a-kind in Russia, is named after Ivan Gubkin. For a research vessel, she has the maximum ice class classification of 1A and is able to operate at a temperature of down to minus 10 degrees Centigrade. The geophysical complex that is installed on Ivan Gubkin includes 14 tow streamers, each being 8 km long.